Left:  the torch cut, interlocking arms.  The piece to the right has the leveling flange welded in place.

Right;  ink on mylar detail of the arm to pilaster joint with the leveling bolt.

The Double Angle Pilaster

This set of images shows more of the development of the stair system and its versatility due to the development and incorporation of the double angle pilaster.  Also developed is a system of shelving that may be attached to the double angles at any point.  The concept is that a bracket is designed that will slip between the double angles and may be clamped in place with the use of a 3/8" dia.  bolt.  Additionally, there is an angle adjustment bolt at a steel flange beneath the arm for leveling purposes.  This simple bracket may be attached at any point on the double angle pilasters and is fabricated by torch cutting a simple interlocking pattern from a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" steel square tube.

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