Light Sconce

At the detail level there is a need to conceptually tie together the building elements.  The light fixtures are developed as a two part composition in which a steel structure holds a light manipulation mechanism. Not unlike the overall construction of the project where a masonry shell is a primary structural system and is interdependent with a steel, wood, and glass system, - each having a specific, functional task - the light fixtures separate functionality through its construction material systems. The  light sconce is developed to economically shield and disperse the light from the essential, outdoor fixture box. It consists of a simple steel cage that bolts to the CMU wall with masonry screws.  A frosted acrylic shield is then held in place by use of #10NC24, stainless steel allen head cap screws.  The making of the acrylic shield is similar to the process of making the steel shelving arms in that an interlocking form is cut from a continuous tube.  This allows a portion of the tube to slip over the incandescent lamp to shield and diffuse the light.

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