Top:  Photo showing the asymmetrical throw of light due to the shape of the aluminum reflector.

Middle:  The parts of assembly.  The fixture uses a 300W halogen lamp.

Lower:  initial sketch of the halogen asymmetrical reflector lamp.

Right:  sketches developing the product and its parts.

This fixture uses the same concept of a steel cage holding a device that will alter and transform the way that the light is emitted.  The placement of the fixture - at the under side of the roof - and its function of illuminating both the upper and lower doorways determines a need for an asymmetrical distribution of light.  An asymmetrical reflector is developed using .010" aluminum sheet (for its reflective qualities) held by 2 cypress ribs that give the reflector its shape.  The steel grating of the loft floor is key in this instance because we are able to use one fixture to illuminate two doorways that are one atop the other.