Here we finally made the glu-lams . . . After spending at least a week's time calling what seemed like every glu-lam distributor in the southeast, and getting nowhere . . . sending drawings to what I gather is the manufacturing plant  (only one??) in the southeast US . . . and getting nowhere (I just got the drawing/spec package that I sent them sent back to me in the mail . . . No letter, nothing) . . . I decided to build them myself . . . With the owner's invaluable help I started with rough sawn cypress, and within a little over a week, we had planed them, cut each one according to the drawing I'd made showing each lamination, its location and length, glued & screwed them, we had 2 beams . . . sculpted as the moment forces had dictated, 33 feet long, and weighing about 300# each! . . . We were able to hang them up in one afternoon.