Above:  The shell is seen here after the blue pigmented grey stucco is finished . . . The colors change in hue with more or less cloudiness . . . The bright blue of the sky intensifies the blue-ness of the shell.

The masonry shell rises from the floating slab for the occuipable space while the piers come up from the grounded, massive footings beyond the EPC setback line.  The shell at the occupiable space is made of areated, autoclaved concrete which is lightweight, has a great insulating value, and can be easily carved . . . This shell is thought of as a sculpted mass that sits as a ruin under the floating roof plane.  The shell here is carved in a relief  to show the section diagram of the structure and provide shallow shelving of varying depths into the wall using cut strips of white travertine embedded into the carved concrete shell.  It took Calvino & Jason Jensen about 2 or 3 days to lay out & carve the walls.