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Please contact Mike Calvino for more information  if you are interested in the beams.

The exterior portion of the Cypress Glu-Lam beams , in service for 10 years have met their match with the Florida sun and salt weather, being at the mouth of the Little Manatee River at Tampa Bay.  The beams with the exception of 1 remain approximately 90% structurally sound with minimal dry-rot in a couple of areas.  The one that is degraded has dry-rot in a good portion of the 24' section and parts of the 17' section.  These areas can be repaired for a fee and the structural integrity of the beams restored.  The beams can be structurally sound if used in a condition that is protected from direct rain/water exposure.

The replacement will involve dismantling the cypress framed screen enclosure, including the 4 exterior, L-shaped sections of the Glu-Lam Beams.  The replacements will be pre-finished, aluminum extrusion truss-beams.  Then the same bronze, pre-finished aluminum screen extrusion framing will define the remainder of the enclosure.

The 4 sections of the glu-lams will be cut at the "knee" of the curve.  There will be 8 sections total of Glu-Lam Beams. 

4 pcs ~24' long  ~700# ea.

4 pcs ~17' long, ~450# ea.

Structural Specs: 

b:  7.625"

d:  varies, see drawing at right

Species:  Southern Cypress

Elastic modulus:  1,100,000psi

Max. stress in bending:  1,100psi

Values are approximate and based on Manual for Engineered Wood Construction by the American Wood Council, a division of the American Forest & Paper Association.

Glu-Lam construction:  0.789" thick layers at straight sections, 4 thin layers to one typical layer at the curve. 

Adhesive:  Resorcinol Resin meeting ANSI/AITC A190.1--1983

Additional mechanical fasteners:  two rows of 2", 316 stainless steel screws at 8" centers staggered layer to layer.

Glu-Lam Beams Available--From the Ruskin House Screen Enclosure

Right:  Beam #2, separation of some of the "micro-layers" at the "knee" separating from stresses induced by the dry-rot.

Right:  Beams just after fabrication on site.  2003

Right & below right:  Sketch ideas

Right:  Beams just after installation 2004

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Right:  Beams Current condition, after screen framing removed Jan, 2015.

Right:  Beam #2 (second in from east) section facing the bay is dry-rotted and about a 4' section has fallen out.

Right:  The next few photos show the condition of the beams as of 2015 when they were taken out of service. Beam #2  (second from East (left in this photo) is in the worst condition  but can be repaired.  Contact to discuss extent of repairs and pricing.

Right:  Beam #2 again showing some of the dry-rot behind the face--note the dark colored board edges & the slight bulges.

Right:  Beam #2 again, some chunks have popped out exposing the double rows of stainless steel screws in each layer.

Right:  Beams just after fabrication, prior to install.  ~Dec. 2003 

Long floating table concept, base:  steel, top:  concrete, wood, or stone

Warehouse/gallery space

Canopy/roof & lower loft concept sketch . . .

Right:  Beams' resting place as of 2021-11