The site for this project sits at the mouth of the Little Manatee River in Ruskin, Florida.  The view is northward just flanking a small island a little over 200 feet out.  The view shifts the geometry of the structure 19 degrees, 15 minutes east of north to take advantage of the clear view  of the horizon across the water of the river mouth.  This rotation of the geometrical grid of the composition uses as its pivot point, the center of a circular drive element that serves to elevate the entrant to a height of 10 feet above grade.  This becomes necessary to avoid having a flight of stairs leading to the front door of the structure.  Because of the restrictions of buildable area due to wetland area setbacks of 50 feet, there is little room for a drive that provides a ramp to an elevation of 10 feet above grade.  For this reason, the circle is used because geometrically, it provides the most amount of linear distance within a given area - the perimeter of the circle.  In this way, the ramp does not become too steep to drive a vehicle up and with an outside diameter of 60 feet, the turning radius remains very comfortable even in a full-sized truck.