Gardenia House

Initial Study for a Residence among the Oaks a few blocks from the Bay.

Below:  street view collage sketch

Right:  View across the living space with kitchen and bar to the right--looking west.

Right:  View from the street looking to the Southwest.

Right:  View from the Back Yard toward the Southeast..

Right:  View from the Back Yard toward the Northeast

Right:  View toward the south to the loft/office space.

Right:  View from the loft/office space toward the front of the house.

Right:  View form the tower roof deck toward the bay

Right:  Details view of the composite curtainwall:  Cypress framing withj aluminum surface glazing system.

Right:  Initial Site/Roof plan

Right:  Ground Level Plan

Right:  Loft Level Plan

Right:  Second Level Plan

Right & below:  Misc. context renders/sketches.

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