2014--Marilyn Monk Transue Memorial Marker

A  collaboration with  Adam Transue of Studio Transue, The Netherlands.  Design by Adam Transue, Fabrication and installation collaboration by Calvino Architecture Studio.

Two types of Granite, 3d printed stainless steel fairy/angel.

A marker for Adam's late mother.  Adam designed the marker before his mother died and she really liked the whole thing.  The challenge was getting the piece fabricated because it is  not a typical grave marker.  We developed the complete 3d cad model, produced 2d-line drawings for cnc cutting and had all the pieces CNC waterjet cut from stock slabs of granite.  The lettering we did in house:  Adam CNC laser cut a frisket mask and we were able to blast them at the studio using 240 grit silicone carbide and carve the letters fairly deep into the stone.

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