Collaboration Projects

Concrete Bar Support with Bent Studio.

Steel, Eucaluyptus Burl

CNC rotary plasma cut pipes, CNC plasma cut structural brackets.

Right:  Photo by Ben Cabrera
Cabinetry and countertops by Ben Cabrera.

Right:  Photo by Ben Cabrera

Below & right:  a select piece of Eucalyptus Burl from the Eucalyptus Project for the end shelf.

Boiled Linseed oil Finish on steel:

Heat steel with oxy-acetylene to between lightened hue, blue-ish and red-hot, rub oil, thinned with mineral spirits.

Right:  Support form derived from
centerlines to pair of supports spaced to minimize moment force and bolt pull-out from back of cabinets.

Below:  Layered Digital Sketches

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