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2017--Living Space Addition

Create a living space that takes advantage of the existing space at the back of the house under the oak trees.

The solution is a space that is square in plan and set between two 15' high walls with a ceiling height varying between about 12'6" to 14'6". 

From the street edge, the new structure will peak up above the existing house to hint of something new, a step away from the ordinary.

The south wall is a pair of steel framed glass panels that pivot open to connect the inside with the outside when the weather is inviting in the fall & spring. 

The north wall is created within a steel grid allowing glass at its edges for light and ventilation while suspending wood framed boxes that allow either open or closed storage at the inside.

South exposure June, appox. 12:00pm

South exposure December, appox. 1:00pm


Construction    |    Structural Analysis  |  Design

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