CALVINO architecture studio, inc.

370 W. 30th Street, NY, NY
1993, this project was to be done for a material budget of $300.  The idea was to create a storage system that was both inexpensive, simple, and able to be moved easily.  The solution was to make shelf boxes, each made from a single sheet of 5/8" cdx plywood, the storage boxes could then be organized, stacked, etc. to create an edge & space while being able to be moved easily with a hand truck and stacked.

The floating sleeping element is continued here and rests on a tri-cornered column made of 1/2" threaded rods that are connected at18" intervals with a 5/8" plywood plate so that the effective cross sectional area of the compressive member is about 3".--the shelves in the background are also shelves and are made of plywood and supported by 1/2" threaded rods.  Light fixtures are hand formed aluminum flashing as a shield over MR11 12V halogens.

Interior, studio apartment