Mezrah Lounge 1995

Design Challenge:  site is a tiny room in an historic carriage house in Hyde Park, Tampa.  The room is barely 8 feet square with a modest window looking south.  The Piece of furniture serves two functions:  Shari enjoys reading while Todd needed an office/desk for a computer, fax machine & storage of books & papers .

The piece then becomes a series of horizontal planes that are cantilevered from onbly 2 vertical pipes in order to lighten up the piece and keep the room as open as possible.  The pivoting bench/sofa is in two pieces with two pivot points to allow a dual function of a window sofa and/or a long desk bench--seating two people.  The piece uses solid 2" oak for the desk top, white painted steel for the primary structure & a rotary cut white maple plywood construction for the shelving, electircal chase & top lighting plane. 

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