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2016-2017   Walkways and Driveways

Thanks to Derek & Richie of DVI Home Services, LLC  for bringing this project in & helping to make it a reality.

Site:  existing house on Tampa Bay
Challenge:  unify the exterior grounds while providing walking paths for the new owners where they do not have to walk on the existing crushed shell which covered a large portion of the site.

Obstacles:  The walkway along the seawall was envisioned in Reclaimed Chicago brick.  This is the same brick that was used extensively in the existing design for walkways, foundation screenwall, & concrete paving dividers/borders.  The seawall was in very poor shape and was leaking sand into the bay,  so it had to be repaired before the walkway could be constructed.

Above:  Cast Concrete stepping stones through front landscaping.

Right:  Stepping stone walkway as it emerges at the west edge near the seawall.

Right:  Stepping stones in casting location right after stain & clear coat/sealer application.

Right:  View at sunset where you can see the similarity between the water & the texture/finish on the stepping stones.

Right:  Location at the end of the seawall walk where the stepping stones connect.  The two larger stones are actually cast concrete strips that are about 30" wide, 9' long, & 12" thick with steel reinforcing to allow vehicles as large as a loaded concrete truck to drive through without breaking the stones.  This allows maintenance to be done in the future along the south end of the seawall & property without moving or destroying the stepping stone system.

Below:  Composite site plan showing the modified site with driveway, brick walkways, & stepping stones.

Above:  Site plan with new construction highlighted.

Right:  view showing the main section of the 400ft long driveway.

Right:  Seawall excavation & repair.  The existing seawall geo-textile was not detailed properly at its top termination below the concrete bulkhead and was leaking earth/sand into the bay every time it rained.  This had to be remedied before a brick paver walkway could be constructed against it. 

Right:  The reclaimed Chicago brick going in with a herring-bone pattern.

Right:  Backfilling the seawall prior to compacting & flooding

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