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Early Drawings

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Page 1:  ~1990's--1986
Page 2:     ~1986--1985
Page 3:     ~1986--1974

~1993--Lake Como, Italy
This sort of marks the change from drawings to sketchbook--this one and the Manhattan Skyline are after architecture school and are more about space and structure.

1992--Manhattan skyline from the 51st St & 9th Ave, 5th floor balcony window.

1989--sketch .  One of the last drawings about cars and hot-rods from this era.

1988--Ferrari with reflection

1988--'58 Thunderbird convertible

1987--'66 Corvette convertible

1987--Pair of Lamborghini's.  From a magazine photo, probably Car & Driver or something like that.

1987--Lamborghini Steering wheel

1987--Calvino Coat of Arms

1987--Hot Rod

1986--'67 Camaro SS

1986--One Footed Cross Down Invert

1986--One Footed Invert

1986--One Hander One Footer

Page 1:  ~1990's--1986
Page 2:     ~1986--1985
Page 3:     ~1986--1974

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