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Arc1301 Architecture Design  Project 1


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ARC 1302 - project 2

From the drawings contained here, construct a 24"x36" sheet for presentation(no dimensions, only text are the drawing titles.)  The sheet is to contain a floor plan@1/4"=1'-0", site plan @ 1"=10', south elevation, north elevation, east elevation and an E-W section where indicated on the plan following, all at 1/4"=1'-0".

Floor plan, layout, and elevations complete:   27 Jan 00
Section complete:    01 Feb 00
Project due date:    03 Feb 00

Permanence / Character / Composition ARC1301                    PROJECT #2  Definition of enclosure                                                   

  • differential material systems
  • the ruin - stereotonic
  • carved, enclosed, confined
  • the space probe - tectonic - linear elements, as steel, wood, glass, etc.
  • tectonic, screen, open
The use of specific building materials is based on the qualities of each and every material that goes into the composition of the space. Concrete is a material that is massive, solid, cold to the touch, it requires considerably more volume of this material (than say steel) to structurally handle loads. Concrete is also monolithic and has the ability to form joints and connections with no visible, additional fasteners . . . as with steel or wood . . . all of these qualities of concrete are unique. Steroetonic comes from the two Greek words: Stere- or Stereo- meaning solid, solid body, having or dealing with three dimensions of space; and the second syllable of tektonikos- of a builder. So the term stereotonic is a building system having qualities of solidity, carved, sculpted. Now I use the term system because it is just that. A building system is like an element on a palette . . . like a color on a painter's paltte, only these two systems are oppositional in their qualities and are thought of as elements of a sculptural composition. The other system is techtonic- from the French word techne - art, craft, skill; from the Greek word tekton - builder, carpenter; and from the Latin texere to weave. Hence a techtonic building system is one which is composed of a series of small, linear elements defining edges etc. with a certain degree of transparency.
The use of complimentary material systems is used to clarify elements of the composition, and in turn, the composition as a whole.  The stereotonic composition must be able to stand without the tectonic system and still retain the essence of the idea . . . as the ruin.  The tectonic system also must be a composition in itself . . . able to stand apart from the carved system and be read as a tectonic sculptural element which retains and conveys the essence of the idea.
Scale:  Macro / micro
  • The composition  becomes usable, connections are made as sculpture is made, i.e. to convey an idea, concept.
  • The usable entity defines its own method and process of assembly / construction . . . in order to convey the specific idea, concept.

Define 2 spaces.  One space has a very enclosed, protected feel and has an inward focus . . . this space is to have a surface for food preparation & eating as its focus.  The
second space has an outward focus, open and extroverted.  The spaces are linked by some space that reflects the character of both spaces.  Format is 18"x24", 1/8"=1'-0".  (minimum 3 development drawings in addition - on trace - may be freehand sketches.)

Plans requirements:  Composition / Construction
  • No door / window delineation . . . only show space in terms of stereotonic / techtonic.
  • as a sculpture
  • as a painting
  • assembled / composed to convey an idea, concept.

Due:   7 March 2000 - begining of class - pin up.

The Writing of the Walls  Anthony Vidler
First Knight w/ Sean Connery
What is a Thing:
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Critique of Prue reason.  Emmanuel Kant.  pp. 212-216.

Piet Mondrian

Santiago Calatrava

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