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Collaboration Projects

Pool/Poker Table

2013--This pool/poker table is a collaboration with Hurricane Billiards of St. Petersburg, FL.

The client has a fascination with watches, clocks, & gears so the mechanism which raises & lowers the table to accommodate the regulation playing height for pool & poker/ping-pong, is done with a series of gears which move two large aluminum slider plates to turn shafts at each corner leg.

Gears are cast iron & cast steel, slider plates & slider gears are clear anodized 5052 aluminum.  Shafts are stainless steel. 

The pool rails are hard Maple with pockets made of hard Maple & Eucalyptus burl ball guards.  Return rails are polished stainless steel.  Playing surface is high quality felt over a traditional, 3 piece slate.

The poker setup is done by lowering the table with the crank 3.75", and installing a 4 piece wood top made of Sapele edged with Teak and then mounting the poker rails around the edges.  The 4 piece Sapele top can be used for ping-pong, and with the addition of a snap-on black felt, the poker rails can be mounted around the edges for a large, 8--10 seat poker table.  The poker rails are made with Eucalyptus burl, milled from a local fallen tree, and black leather with cast stainless steel drink holders.