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2020-  Industrial structures and parts design--in collaboration with VP & Associates

2020-2021--Mobile Office In collaboration with Daniel Currea of DC Studio.

2014--Digital Image modeling and manipulation (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper)  In collaboration with Ursula Berlot, Artist,  Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2015--Cabrera Bar Support in collaboration with Ben Cabrera of BenT Studio

2013--2014 Geared Motion Pool Table--In collaboration with Hurricane Billiards or St. Petersburg.

2014--Marilyn Monk Transue Marker - in collaboration with  Adam Transue of Studio Transue, The Netherlands.

2011 - Jamie Transue Memorial Bench, Hudson Beach, FL  - in collaboration with  Adam Transue of Studio Transue, The Netherlands.

2013--Form of Absence.  Digital image modeling and manipulation, CNC milling of sculptures.  In collaboration with Professor Paul Robinson.

2011--2012 Lynwood Transformation.  In collaboration with Bill Brinkey, Architect.

2011--Dave's Studio

2011--Roving Chicken Pod (unbuilt).  In collaboration with Michael Rahal.

2010--Davis Island Residence (unbuilt)  In collaboration with Jon Wenberg.

2008--Walter Fuller Park Bench.  In collaboration with Jason Jensen & Sergio DeSanto of Wannamacher Jensen Architects of St. Petersburg.

2008 - CAMO project - in collaboration with Jason Jensen and Sergio DeSanto of Wannemacher Jensen Architects of St. Petersburg

2002--Rahal Canopies.  Creative dialog with Michael Rahal.

2008--Xella Diagrams.  (unbuilt)   In collaboration with Michael Rahal.

2002 - Pentagon Memorial Competition Entry - In collaboration with JJ Watts, sculptor.

2001--Research Technologies Contemplative Garden.  (unbuilt)  In collaboration with JJ Watts.  Design of a 100'x100' garden space.

1996--Michael's Door.  In collaboration with Michael Rahal.

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