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Outdoor Projects

USF Serpentine Boardwalk  -  Calculations/Fab

Design  |    Calcs/Fab  |    Finished Photos

Structural Finite Element Analysis of the structural ribs for the boardwalk was done with Scan-and-Solve Pro Beta for Rhino.  Here the thickness of the plates and geometry are fine tuned to resist the loading and keep a certain level of elegance.

Right:  Deflection render

Right:  Define restraints, loads, and boundary conditions to simulate continuity.

Above:  Stress analysis

Above:  Danger Level--as a percentage of the allowable stress.

Right:  Initial frame analysis loading

Right:  Initial frame analysis deflection

Right:  Initial frame analysis danger level--as percentage of allowable stress.

Right:  The grasshopper definition generates a 2d drawing of each individual rib and labels it to provide the .dxf cut files to Unlimited Welding for a seamless design to fabrication process.

Above and Right:  GPS layout of spine piers by King Engineering per grasshopper defined plans.

Above, Below and Right:  Unlimited Welding of Winter Springs, FL  welding up the individual boardwalk sections.

Design  |    Sketches Fab  |    Finished Photos

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