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Transparency is maximized by making these triple-fold doors with the hinged rail as a 1/4"x3" steel flat bar while the other rail is a 4x2 steel tube.

The floating roof plane extends past the rough shell  at the south entry gallery.  This "gallery" derives from the early Spanish houses in northeast Florida where a south entry gallery was used to give privacy to the entry and to let filtered light into the house area.

Structural Shell:  the MacBlock

The Floating Roof Planes

Lv2 Overhead Plane

Lv1 Overhead Plane

The contrast of systems gives one a sense of permanence while opening the space to the outside.  The Glass-Line provides the thermal envelope when wanted or needed while the Screen-Line provides protection against the Florida insects while allowing the space to be opened and expanded.

Sloped Glazing System


Thermal envelope: 
Cypress Glazed Curtainwall

Wood systems

Insect Envelope: 
Screen enclosure system

Interior Systems


Site / Accessories


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