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2018--Living Space Addition, Tampa, FL  (in progress)
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2008--6330 Project, Tampa, FL  (in progress)
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1998--Smolka Garage / Poolhouse:  Design and construction of garage / poolhouse in North Tampa.

2001--Guest House, Ruskin

2007--The Ruskin House, Ruskin, FL  -
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          --Guest Cottage
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2014--House on the bay studies.

2014--Small(ish) house study 002

2014--Small House Study 003

2014--Structure Study

Now available in ebook (iBooks for iPad format)  $9.99 at, this 120 page, full color book documents the process and finished Ruskin House.

Plus Hardcover & paperback versions.

2009--Interbay5705 Loft Residences (Flash version)

A study and potential speculative project. 
Paperback monograph.

2010--Roof Study.  (unbuilt)

2011--Davis Island, Structural Re-arrangement.
Remove load bearing walls from interior and clear out space creating vaulted, open living/dining/kitchen space approx. 24'x36'.

2007 - House on a Lake - Sketch concepts (unbuilt)

2006 - Studio 301 (in progress):  design studio & workshop.

2006 - Lauderdale 401:  (unbuilt) Sketchesfor a House in Ft. Lauderdale

2006-2007 - Small House Studies03 - Sketch concepts (unbuilt)

1997--Blair House:  Courtyard house near the Hillsborough River.  (unbuilt)

2005-2006 - Small House Studies 10036-06 - Sketch concepts (unbuilt)

2005-2006 - Small House Studies 10036-07- Sketch concepts (unbuilt)

2000--Wagner Workshop:  Carport, and Studio Addition.  Residential addition, Tampa, FL  Design

2007--House on the Gulf, Sketch concepts (unbuilt)

2000--House on a Lake--schematic study, Lutz, FL  (unbuilt)

1999--Cowart Garage:  6 car garage / museum with a loft apartment, storage loft, and firing range. (unbuilt)

2002--House on Russel Street--Sketch concepts. (unbuilt)

1992--Pine Tree House--Sketch concepts. (unbuilt)

2000--Gallery Addition and Gallery. (unbuilt)

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