Thanks to:  Derek & Dino Iampieri, DVI Home Services, LLC.; Jesse Eliassen, JAE Concordat, LLC.; Air Rescue, Tampa; CJS Electric Services, Tampa; David Slaman, West Coast Air, Inc.


Architecture Projects

Construction    |    Structural Analysis  |  Design

Finished Photos

Connection to Existing House


Loft Floor & Stair Treads

Cypress Ceiling



South doors and hardware

Exterior Insulation and Synthetic Stucco

Steel Framing:  North Glass wall, loft, & stair.

Steel Roof:  Stressed Skin Waffle Grid System

Steel embeds for Roof system

Masonry System

Concrete:  Foundation & Slab

Structural Design & Ahnalysis

Developmental Design

Conceptual design and renderings

Construction    |    Structural Analysis  |  Design

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