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Digital Files:  within 24 hours of receiving your payment, we will email you with instructions for downloading the file set.  Please indicate 3d model format & 3d CAD software used so we can get you the right file format for your 3d model.  Most file formats can be provided.  Thanks.

Cheers!                                    --Calvino

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CALVINO architecture studio & CNC works  CNC Machine Design/Build Files

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Although the Kickstarter project was not sucessful, I have managed to assemble the digital models and some of the excel file information including some links to parts suppliers and offer them for sale in this series of web pages. I hope you find them useful, affordable, and inspire you to build your own CNC machine for personal, business, or educational use.

Please note that these files are not a set of instructions with 2d drawings, labels & parts lists, but are actual, full size, 3d models with nearly all of the parts constructed including fasteners, electronics boards, drivers, bearings, etc.

Price:  $50 USD

Build your Z carriage for CNC router from these files - 3d  Digital Model, .dxf file for 2d cutouts, Please indicate file format request for 3d model.

Gear Reduction:  17.94:1

Approximate holding torque with 1290oz-in motor:  137Ft-lb.

Fits the AC head version 2.0 

Z carriage

3d Model & Digital Files

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