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Projects by Year

2022--3d Printer Addition

2022--Wood Lathe Modification

2015--Vacuum Hold Down System

2013--CNC Rotary Axis

2013--CNC V 1.4  - 5 axis with Rotary Indexing, plasma router 5.3hp vfd

2012--A/C Head Re Design

2013--5 axis CAM definition in Grasshopper for Rhino5--G-code export

2013--Drill Cycle CAM definition in Grasshopper for Rhino5--G-code export

2011--CNC V1.3, Plasma Router, 4hp VFD spindle

2010--3-axis 4'x8'x20"  Plasma Router

2010--CNC V2.0 5 Axis--For University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture,  Santiago Perez's Digital Fabrication Lab

2009--CNC Multi-Drill Machine (unbuilt)

2007--CNC V1.0 Plasma / router

2009--CNC V1.2, Plasma Router

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